Homely School

Homely School makes use of interactive classroom technology to revolutionize transform the entire concept of brick-and-mortar educational institutions. We created an OPS/AI driven virtual schooling system to help schools, colleges and universities offer remote teaching to the students. By taking into consideration the current COVID-19 situation, we created a complete online schooling platform that takes care of attendance, classes and exams. Our system has provisions for an e-library where principles and teachers can upload books in PDF format and students can download it.

We Provide Secure
Online Examination

Our virtual schooling system is AI-powered with Google Maps-embedded. With this, we tackle the problem of truant students. You can track the attendance and progress of the students in real-time, conduct examinations remotely and upload the results. Our system has separate dashboards for principle, teacher and student to streamline the activities that each are concerned with. With this innovative platform, we are trying to create a world where schools and colleges come to the living room. From administration to teaching and even exams, just a few clicks is all you need!
We are ready for the ‘new normal’ era. Are you?