Why is It Important?

Why is It Important?

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At Homely School, we are not just creating opportunities for online learning, but attempting to create a virtual school where everything from classes to library access and exams are done, via the Internet. With our AI-powered system, educational institutions can be wherever students are and there’s no need to have a brick-and-mortar presence. These are some of ways institutions can benefit from our online schooling platform:

  • GPS-enabled attendance, which automates the attendance process and helps in tracking the whereabouts of the students
  • Our system has three different dashboard dedicated to the principle, teacher and student. Each one of them can login through their dashboard and take care of administrative and teaching activities. Since our system is AI-enabled, our system can help suggest alternative teaching staff in case of absence of teachers. We have also streamlined approval processes where teachers need to get the sign from the principle for proceeding with a particular book or question paper.
  • Exams can be conducted on our platform seamlessly. The progress of students can be tracked and their performance evaluated. Our exam portal captures the screen of the student giving the exam so that examiners can see exactly what the student is up to. Also, web cam has to be enabled during the exam. Also, we have made sure that exams can be given, via mobile phones by turning on the camera.
  • Our platform also has an e-library where books and other reading material can be uploaded in the PDF format, which students can download.

So, as you see, we are not just about online learning. But, we want you to take your school into the living rooms of your students and revolutionize the entire schooling system. Join hands with us to be a part of this revolution.

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